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Keeping your solar panels clean is important for the smooth and efficient running of your system. Redland Bay Pressure Cleaning can help you achieve maximum efficiency out of your solar power system by keeping it regularly clean.

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We are a local small business, cleaning solar panels, roofs, external walls, driveways, gutters and more in Redland Bay and Redlands. 

Why is it important to clean solar panels regularly?

Our team of solar panel cleaning specialists are here to help.

Solar panels are often ‘invisible’. They are out of our sight.

Tiled Roof With Solar Panels

However, like all things that live outdoors, they get exposed to the elements and to the wildlife. The buildup of dirt, dust and animal droppings, as well as residual rain particles, leaves and branches will eventually have a negative effect on your panels, and ultimately, your electricity bill.

Solar panels produce electricity by being exposed to direct sunlight! Layers of dirt, grime, leaves and animal droppings will simply block the sunlight. This is why it’s so important to wash your solar panels regularly.

Manufacturers and installers of solar panels often advise regular washing.

Redland Bay Pressure Cleaning can also help you with a complete roof clean-up, including gutter cleaning.

You could be paying more for electricity if your panels are dirty and not operating efficiently. Additionally, you may lose the opportunity to make money from feeding back to the electricity grid, if you participate in a buyback scheme.

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Solar Panel Cleaning And Wiping

Can I DIY my solar panels cleaning?

But would it be worth it? Cleaning solar systems can cause injury and property damage. It’s strongly recommended that you only hire professionals with the proper training, insurance, and all safety equipment do this job.

Our team also has over 10 years of experience in external house washing. This includes gutter cleaning and roof washing.

We service Redland Bay and all Redlands areas.

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How often should solar panels be cleaned?

The usual recommendation is to have your solar panels cleaned every six months.

The time frame for solar panels can vary slightly depending on whether they are under trees or exposed wildlife activity from birds, bats and possums.

Redland Bay Pressure Cleaning is highly regarded because we have been doing amazing work in Redlands for more than ten years.

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Signs That Suggest Your Solar Panels Need to be Cleaned

Some possible signs that your solar panels may be due for a clean include:

  • Power bills have gone up a lot
  • Wildlife activity on the roof
  • Extreme weather elements (dust storms)
  • A warning light is up on the system’s inverter
Solar Panel Cleaning Can Lead To Saving
Heavy Rainfall

Can the Rain Wash my System?

Yes, and no

Consider your car! Heavy rain will likely wash some dirt off such as bird poop or muddy marks.

Will the rain deeply clean your car? Probably not. Definitely not with a high level of attention to detail.

The dust layer will remain even after the liquid has dried. A good rain will aid in between professional solar cleaning. However, it is recommended that you do a deep clean every six months.

In short, will the rain deeply clean your car? Probably not. Definitely not with attention to detail. Same with solar panels! A good hose is important, but it’s no deep-clean!

Other Pressure cleaning services we offer in Redland Bay and surrounding areas include:

Our services include pressure cleaning concrete playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, polished concrete flooring, and many other areas. Pressure cleaning can be applied to any surface that can hold water.

We are available to help you if you have any questions.

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Why Choose Redland Bay Pressure Cleaning for Solar Panel Washing in Redland Bay?


Redland Bay Pressure Cleaning is a professional pressure cleaner that has been providing services in Redland Bay and Redlands for over ten years. Our technicians have the skills and experience to tackle even the most difficult jobs. We are able to offer more efficient, reliable and faster service using the most up-to-date equipment.

Best Results

With high-quality equipment, expert deck cleaners and the right tools, we can restore wooden decks back to their former glory. It is possible to quickly and effectively remove mildew and mustiness by applying pressure cleaning methods that are appropriate for the severity and type of timber.

Competitive Pricing

Redland Bay Pressure Cleaning is known for its excellent value for money.

We are a business that understands the importance of price when selecting a pressure cleaning service. As such, we have tried to offer a quality service at a fair price without sacrificing quality.

Pressure cleaning is an inexpensive way to restore wood decks and other areas of your home.

Pressure cleaning is affordable, so it makes sense.

Expert Services vs DIY Pressure Washing

We can understand the temptation to do-it-yourself. However,…

It is technically possible to clean your deck yourself. However, to remove old stains and dust that have built up over months or years, it will be much more efficient to use high-quality equipment operated by pressure cleaning professionals.

Equipment aside, pressure cleaning done by amateurs is more difficult and will produce less results.

Safety Equipment

Eco-Friendly Products

We don’t use harmful chemicals which could cause harm to your family and the environment. Our products are safe for your wood decking and the environment.

Licensed & Insured

We know that your timber deck can be a valuable addition to your home or property. Therefore, we strive to do an outstanding job and ensure our customers are safe and secure.

To ensure professional service and outstanding results, we only employ licensed and insured professionals. We are happy and able to provide you documentation to support our full licensing and insurance.

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Redland Bay Pressure Cleaning is a proud local small business that provides pressure washing services all over Redlands areas, including: